Action Tracker

What is the Action Tracker?

The Action Tracker section is a to-do list specifically created for an event. You can create action items and associate each item with a team member so that they know what outcomes and tasks that they have to accomplish. This also allows you to plan several steps in your event planning and execution. There are several columns of data under which you can organize content to make it easier to plan and execute your event. You can also create custom categories for you actions so the team or individual responsible for them can easily respond and take actions.

How does The Action Tracker work?

"The action tracker is a to-do list associated with this event. To create a new action item, in the 'Action Tracker' tab, click on 'Add Action', which opens up a form. Fill in the fields as requested. You can also attach any relevant documents before you save.

To create a custom category for actions, click on 'Category Settings' tab and click on 'Create a New Action Category'. This is how you can manage, organize, and communicate with team members and plan your event."

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