Notification Engine

What emails can I expect for account related activity?

You will receive emails when you sign up for an account. In addition you will also receive account related communication when certain limits are being reached. These emails are only sent to users who are classified as Admin.

What emails can I expect for billing related acticity?

You will receive emails related to your subscription along with reminders on when the free trial period is ending or the term of your subscription is ending.

Is there a daily report activity that is sent?

Yes, there is a daily report email that is sent to all users that summarizes the status of each event. This allows you to take micro action as the event organizer or as an event contributor.

What alerts are integrated in the platform?

There are several types of alerts that are integrated in the system. One significant alert is sent when someone downloads the contact list. This allows the admins to manage expectations and set the right policies.

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