Master Management

What is this Master List and why do I need it?

The Master List helps event organizers (other than speakers and sponsors) communicate with other flawlessly. TThey could be volunteers, executives, influencers, attendees, or supporters in the community. You can organize all these contacts in various lists and communicate with them individually or collectively through Speaker Engage.

What is the sign-up form for Master List?

The Master sign-up form is a public landing page with a unique URL, which you can share publicly, allowing anyone to sign up as a volunteer, influencer, or supporter. They can select the role they want to be involved as. This gives the event organizer an easy way to solicit and invite people to be associated with the event.

Can I create new contacts in the Master List?

Yes, you can. You can create individual contacts on this list by following these steps:

Step 1: Click on 'Create New' from the 'Manage Masters' section.

Step 2: Click on 'Create New' from the pop-up.

Step 3: Fill in the mandatory fields and other necessary information and save. This will add the contact to the Master List. Once this step is complete, you can communicate and engage with these contacts.

Can I create custom categories in the Master List?

Yes, you can. There are default categories when you create a new event: Sponsor, Attendee, Volunteer, Speaker, Community, Executive and Other. To create a new category, click on 'Create New Master Type', fill in the type of category you would like in your Master List and save. Now this category will be available in the sign-up form as well.

Can a contact in the Master List be associated with multiple roles?

Yes, each contact in the Master List can be associated with multiple roles. Next to every contact is a column titled 'Type', which displays the role of the contact. You can check additional boxes to include a contact into those categories. Associating each contact with multiple categories makes communication with each category type easy; every contact in that list gets the relevant information easily.

Is there a dashboard where I can get a quick update on the status of the Master List?

Yes, from the Master Dashboard in the 'Dashboards' tab or in the 'Event Home' tab. The Master Dashboard gives a summary of the status and an overview of all the actions taken in the Master List for an event. The dashboard displays information such as total contacts, total emails sent, and total emails opened. You can also see the number of contacts in each category, and recent communications sent with open rates and profile gap.

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